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Using Letter Grades for Assignments

Instructors, what do you need to know when Assignments are set to “Display Grade as Letter Grade”?

  • A Canvas Assignment can be set to “Display Grade as Letter Grade” in the assignment settings.
  • Then in Grades, the assignment score will display as both a letter grade, AND as points, in the same column, based on the course’s grade scheme.
  • Grades can be entered in the gradebook as either points or a letter grade, and Canvas will calculate the other*.
  • Remember that Total Grades is calculated numerically.
  • *Heads-up!
    • Entering a letter grade in Grades, results in Canvas assigning a numeric score that is one less than the topmost value in that letter grade’s range (from the scheme).
    • The Total grade calculation may result with an inflated Final Letter Grade.
    • Example: assignment letter grades example
    • DO: Enter the median score for that letter grade. Canvas will assign the appropriate letter grade.
    • DON’T: Enter the letter grade and let Canvas assign the numeric score.
  • Note: CSU has requested Canvas that the median value be assigned, but letter grade functionality was designed to assign a high numeric score; this model can only be changed with lots of user feedback. If you want to speak your voice, “Add a comment” on this Canvas community idea. (You probably need to log in to Canvas first.) And even though the voting is closed, your comments still make a difference!