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Canvas Information and Resources

Canvas Messages, Email and Notifications

To view your “Messages/Conversations” in Canvas, click the Inbox icon (in the left navigation bar).

To reply to Canvas email from a non-CSU account, add that account in Canvas. See steps below.

CSU email accounts

Email Default: Every CSU user starts with their default CSU first.last email address in Canvas.

Email Alias: CSU uses aliases to make email addresses more user-friendly. Email is actually delivered as below.
You do not need to add either of these in Canvas.

  • Most Undergraduate Students:           →
  • Most Graduate Students, Faculty, and Staff: →

Non-CSU email accounts

If you want to receive CSU email in a non-CSU account, do these two actions:

1. Forward email from within your CSU email account (see your email help for steps)

See your CSU email help system for steps to forward your email.

2. Add your non-CSU email addresses in Canvas

Do ALL of these Steps, including steps 4 and 5.

  1. In Canvas, at the top beside your name, click the “Settings” link.
  2. On the right, click the “+ Add Email Address” button and enter your non-CSU email address.
  3. Click “Register Email” button. This sends an email to your non-CSU email address.
  4. Go into your non-CSU email account to find that email.
    (It is from “Instructure Canvas” with subject “Confirm Email: Canvas”.)
  5. Click the link: “Click here to confirm this registration”.

After doing steps 4 and 5, you have completed the registration of your non-CSU email address.

You can set notification preferences for this email address in Settings as below.

Set your Notification Preferences

Which notices and emails do you want to receive from Canvas?

You can set up when and where you get notifications, including which email addresses. See guides and video.

  1. In Canvas > at the top to the right of your name, select “Settings” > on the left select Notifications.
  2. In each column, hover to see the options and select your frequency choice for that email address or device.
    (Entries are saved as you go; no need to save the page.)

You can adjust your notification settings anytime you wish.

Don't see Canvas messages in your Email? Check your Email Spam / Junk folder.