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External Tool Request Considerations

Pedagogical, Ethical, and Functional Considerations used for tool evaluation

  1. Distinctive Functionality
  2. Pedagogy / Benefit provided
  3. Scope of Use
  4. LTI integration for Canvas
  5. Cost
  6. FERPA / Data Storage / Legal
  7. CSU Data Access
  8. Accessibility

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Distinctive Functionality

Will the tool provide distinctive functionality that is not already in Canvas? For example, Canvas has a built in quiz tool. Though it may not meet all needs, we would not integrate another quiz tool into Canvas.

Pedagogy / Benefit provided

What will be the benefit / pedagogical impact of the tool on your students/course? Instructional designers with CSU's Institute for Teaching and Learning (TILT) are availble to help assess a tool from this perspecive.

Scope of Use

How many courses / course sections will use the tool?
How many instructors?
How many students?

LTI integration for Canvas

LTI stands for Learning Tools Interoperability. It is the standard way to integrate an external tool into Canvas. In most instances, this allows a user in Canvas to click on and use that tool without having to login again. A vendor would need to have an LTI, version 1.0 (or higher), in order to be considered for inclusion in CSU's Canvas.


Is there a cost to use the tool? If so, how will the tool be paid for? If students will pay the cost, how will they be notified?

FERPA / Data Storage / Legal

What data will be stored with the vendor? Who will have access to that data? Will that data be given to or sold to a third party? Does any data gathered violate FERPA regulations?

Data questions for vendor (link to data form with questions)

Any legal / end user agreements will need to be reviewed to make sure they adhere to CSU policies.

CSU Data Access

As part of the campus Learning Analytics Initiative, CSU asks that the vender provide access to collected data via the IMS Caliper data standard. If the vendor does not currently comply with the Caliper standard, what plans do they have to meet this standard?


Any requested tool will be evaluated to determine if it adheres to CSU’s accessibility policy. Tools should be accessible or have plans to be made accessible. Any tool requests will be evaluated by the CSU Web Accessibility Committee.

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