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Requests for Canvas External Applications (LTIs)

Some external applications can be used by individual instructors without integrating them with Canvas. An instructor can add a web link to their Canvas course. When students click on the link, they leave Canvas and go to the web page for that tool. For apps that only benefit a few instructors, this model is usually sufficient.

Some external applications can benefit a large number of instructors, so that it makes sense to setup the app with an LTI (learning technology integration) connection to Canvas. Most external apps that are added to Canvas become available to the whole University and impact the entire system. This is why each request to add an external app is carefully evaluated to determine if it provides significant value and improves the quality of teaching and learning, while maintaining security, reliability, and system performance.

Instructors and course designers, if you would like to request an external application that will benefit many users at CSU, see the steps below.

How to Request an External Application (LTI)

To make a request for an external application into Canvas, on behalf of your college/area:

  1. Fill out this request form.*
  2. Work with your college/area Canvas Coordinator to complete and submit your request.

*Note: We are in the process of reviewing the criteria used to evaluate an external app / LTI request. At this time, please use the request form above and we may ask you for some additional information for your request. We will have an updated request form available in early spring 2017.

Evaluation and Implementation Process

The Canvas leadership team will evaluate each request individually.

External applications can impact other areas at CSU that will need to be included in the assessment, such as the Library, CoTL, IAC, Security, Bookstore, etc.

Please allow 60 days for the full evaluation and analysis process.

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