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Canvas External Applications (LTIs)

External applications (third party software) can be added to Canvas to add new features or functionality, such as publisher materials and specialized tools. See Canvas guides for details

In Canvas, CSU has a number of integrations with external tools. These integrations usually use LTI's (Learning Technology Interoperability) to connect these tools to Canvas making it appear as if the functionalities are built in.

Some external applications need to be “enabled” to add a button into the course‚Äôs navigation so you can use it. Here’s how:

  1. In your course, click Settings, and click the Navigation tab.
  2. In the section at the bottom, find the tool and drag it up to the top section.
  3. Click Save.

Support for External Apps

Support for these external tools is provided by the vendor who makes the tool.

If you have a link in your Canvas course to one of the tools below, and you have a question on how to use the product, please contact the vendor for support.

Vendor/Product Documentation and Support Phone Number
CIDI Design Tools
Add images/sections to pages, create modules, due date modifier.
CIDI Design Tools Documentation  
Lydia Page ( (970) 492-4707
CSU Libraries course reserve
Add Course eReserve to Canvas course 491-1868
CSU eReserve Questions  
Classroom response system
Integrate iClicker with Canvas  
CSU iClicker page  
Macmillan LaunchPad
Access to Macmillan online learning materials
Add LaunchPad to course module  
Macmillan Support Center (faculty/students) 800-936-6899
McGraw Hill Campus
Access to McGraw Hill online learning materials
Add McGraw Hill Campus link to Canvas module  
Instructor and Student Support (800) 331-5094
Pearson MyLab
Access to Pearson MyLab online materials
Add Pearson MyLab link to Canvas module  
Instructor Support (888) 433-8435
Student Support (800) 677-6337
Free platform for instructors to efficiently manage class Q&A.
Add Piazza to Canvas Course  
Piazza Support (800) 818-4124
Online test proctoring software used by CSU Online students.
Add Proctortrack to Canvas Course  
General FAQ  
Student FAQ  
CSU Proctored Exams (970) 491-6498
Online test proctoring software used by CSU Online students.
Add ProctorU to Canvas Course (855) 772-8678
Student Information  
CSU Proctored Exams (970) 491-6498
Video tools to support assignments and meetings
General Information, Documentation, Online Support  
Student Support  
Instructor Support  

Requests for New External Apps

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