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Canvas Community – Enhancements, Ideas, and Feature Requests

Have an idea how to improve Canvas? Want to have a voice in the newest ideas?

YOU can search, submit ideas, and vote…

STEP 1: Log in:

  1. First, log in to the Colorado State University Canvas system.
  2. Click on the “Help” link at the top right of the Canvas screen, (next to Logout).
  3. Select “Submit a Feature Idea” from the Help popup box.
  4. Once logged into the Canvas Community, you will see your name or avatar at the top of the screen, and can customize your personal settings from the dropdown.

STEP 2: Search to see if your idea is already there.

STEP 3: Submit, follow, vote…

  1. If you have a new idea, Share/submit your idea, and follow it.
  2. Vote on your idea, and get others to vote, too!

STEP 4: The Canvas Product team takes the top voted ideas and uses this development process

  1. Gathers info for how users need it to work.
  2. Develops the idea so it works with other Canvas features.
  3. Deploys completed ideas to Canvas so all can benefit.

Thank you for speaking up and helping make Canvas better for everyone!