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Canvas Files Tool

The Files tool in Canvas provides online storage and file sharing in three places:
Personal Files, Course Files, and Group Files.

  • Storage in Canvas is intended only for CSU course and group work.

Canvas Files Tool Guides

User Storage Quota Exceeded?

Exceeding your storage quota prevents you from uploading files to Discussions and My Files.

To make room for more file uploads, delete files in these two folders of your Personal Files until total file size is under 100 MB:

  • My Files
  • Conversation attachments
  • Removing files from “profile pictures” or the “unfiled” folder won’t help.
  • It’s OK! Canvas will protect the files it needs; deleting files from Personal Files will NOT remove them from assignments, discussions, or conversations.

Personal Files – 100 MB Quota

To view your Personal Files: in Canvas, go to Account > Files.

  • See your Files size at the bottom, below all folders.
  • Refresh your browser after deleting to see the new Files size.
  • Course files may not be visible to students as instructors have the option to limit access.

It’s OK - deleting files from My Files, leaves the attachments in place in assignments, discussions, and conversations!

Personal My Files includes these folders: How are files added here? Count in Quota Can I delete these files?
conversation attachments A copy of files you attached to a conversation Yes Yes
profile pictures Pictures you uploaded to your profile No Yes
Submissions Files uploaded as a student to online assignments and Graded discussion attachments. No No, system protected.
unfiled Files you upload to your personal Files area and Ungraded discussion attachments. Yes Yes

Group Files – 100 MB Quota

Students can upload files into Group Files for group collaboration; these do not affect their personal files.

  • Group files are available to all students enrolled in the group, and the course teachers.
  • All members have the same permissions to manage all the files.

Course Files – 2 GB Quota

Course File Storage includes all files in a course’s Files that are unique to CSU’s Canvas system, and the course’s assignment submissions.

To see a course’s file size, look in the course’s Files tool, at the bottom left, below the left pane.

Media can require a lot of file space. Instructors, see Media Recommendations for great ideas on how to manage your video content.

Files uploaded directly into Course Files by Instructors count toward the Course Quota, (not their Personal File Quota).

Instructors have the option to restrict course file access from students by hiding the course Files link or locking course folders and files so they won’t be visible to students.

Students can upload or attach files for Course assignments or discussions.

  • These files are automatically stored in students’ own personal files (in the “unfiled” folder).
  • Student-submitted files count toward Course File quota, not toward Personal File quota.

Do all files in Course Files count toward the quota? No…

  • Canvas stores only one instance of a file for CSU.
  • A file counts toward Course Files quota in the course where it was originally uploaded.
  • Copies of a file are linked to the original file, saving file space in Canvas.
  • Course content that is copied into a new course does not count toward the new course’s Files quota.
  • Video recordings created directly in Canvas are stored on a separate media server, and do not count in course quota.

What are the file size limits for uploading in Canvas?

File location Size limit
Individual file upload to personal Files Up to the user’s Files quota of 100 MB.
Video and audio uploads via the media tool in a course 500 MB
  • Last updated 10/10/2017
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