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Moving RamCT Courses into Canvas

Migration of Course Content from RamCT to Canvas

MIG = migrated content

Courses with a MIG- course ID prefix contain content copied from RamCT to Canvas.

  1. Use them only to prepare content in Canvas format.
  2. Then go into your teaching course and copy (pull) the content forward.
  1. RamCT courses from 2014 and 2015 have moved into Canvas as “Migrated courses” so instructors can re-develop from RamCT content if they choose. See schedule and details below.
  2. But Canvas is different than RamCT! Familiar tools work differently. Canvas has new features.
    So content moved from RamCT needs to be re-developed by instructors.
  3. Afterwards, the updated content can be copied from the Migrated courses into a Canvas teaching course.

What to expect from content migrated from RamCT into Canvas

Manually Move a RamCT Course into Canvas

If you need to start working with your RamCT course in Canvas before the timeline above, you can migrate your RamCT course yourself into your Canvas teaching course:

  1. Canvas courses are now created for you systematically.
  2. Follow the steps in How to Manually Import a RamCT Course into Canvas.
  3. Clean up your migrated content.

How to copy re-developed RamCT content into a Canvas teaching course

After updating RamCT course content in Canvas, copy it into the teaching course:

  1. From inside the course that will be used for teaching, select "Settings", and "Import Content into this Course".
  2. From the Content Type drop-down, select "Copy a Canvas Course" and search for your course.
  3. Check the appropriate selections, and select “Import”.
  4. Allow time for the import to queue and process; after it is finished the job will display “Completed” on the Import page.

For details, see the guide "How do I import content from another Canvas course?"

You can remove yourself from a Migrated course when you are done with it.