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Canvas Information and Resources

Interface Customizations

Canvas Branding and Visual Design

Canvas Functionality (needs updating)

  • Added CSU Quick Links to Canvas top navigation
  • To end session, close your browser - linked to related SSO information
  • Changed and rearranged help menu items for students and non-students
    • students should not create support tickets
  • Non-admins should not be able to conclude, reset or delete course content, or masquerade as a user (Become) - hide these buttons
  • settings > course details > start/end/only these dates
  • course > people > Add people: instructions refer to eNames instead of email addresses
  • Change wording of grading scheme link
  • Larger view/edit grading scheme window
  • Larger javascript/css URL inputs
  • Highlighted final grades in right column

USU CIDI Custom Tools (KennethWare)

  • Installed in beta, test and production
  • Template Wizard: Installed LTI app, database
  • Customized files: config.php, canvasGlobal.js, js/tools_variables.js, wizard/ltiCode.xml, api/getPage.php, api/checkTemplates.php, etc.
  • All CSU and KennethWare code on the kware account as of 8/25/2016 is in Subversion at

Help Website

To Do

  • Help website - convert to WordPress
  • Add linked sub-account logos for Academic Courses and Manually-Created Courses?
  • Test mobile app and add custom JS and CSS if necessary
  • Add toggle control to make left sidebar collapsible?
  • Branding and customization - Explore features from other institutions and coders
  • Google Analytics - add our own tracking code in Canvas or get access to Instructure's GA reports?
  • Remove RamCT link after a year


  • Web Communications - visual design, branding
  • TILT - creating course content; customizing and externally hosting CIDI Custom Tools
  • Instructure - specific customizations, e.g.