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Canvas and Learning Accommodations

A student who has worked with CSU's Resources For Disabled Students to document a disability may qualify for a reasonable accommodation in their course. An accommodation might include additional time to submit an assignment or extra time to finish a quiz.

Instructors can use a few Canvas tools to provide an accommodation.

Differentiated Assignments - Same Assignment, Different Due Dates / Times

A Canvas assignment can be set up to have different due dates / availability dates. Situations where an instructor might use this feature:

  • You combined multiple sections in a Canvas course and you would like each section to have a different due date.
  • A student with an approved learning disability can be given additional time to complete an assignment.
  • A student experienced an emergency and you would like to give that student additional time or different due date.

How to set up a Canvas differentiated assignment

Quiz Moderation - Additional Time, Extra Attempt

For any quiz in Canvas, an instructor can use "Moderate This Quiz" to give a student additional time to complete a quiz or give a student an extra attempt for that quiz.

Give a student additional time to take a quiz

Allow a student an extra attempt on a quiz

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