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Canvas Pilot - Fall 2014

In Fall 2014, 45 instructors and 962 students successfully piloted Canvas in 49 courses.

The goals were 1.) to determine how Canvas works for users and administrators, and 2.) to see how we can make the move from RamCT to Canvas the smoothest for instructors and students.

Feedback from students is very positive:

  • Canvas is quick to learn, and easy to use.
  • When a course is well-organized, Canvas is easier to use than RamCT.
  • Most did not need any user support at all.
  • Biggest dislike? The Course List does not display on the Canvas home page, rather you have to click on the “Courses” tab.
  • Top like? The Grades tool has the ability to calculate grades with and without ungraded assignments, and using “what if” scores.

Feedback from instructors is positive:

  • It does take time to become familiar with Canvas because it is different than RamCT.
  • The training, online materials, and support provided what was needed.
  • Preparing materials in Canvas takes similar time and effort as RamCT.
  • For re-developing content from RamCT, it helped to start from migrated content.
  • Biggest dislike? The absence of an anti-plagiarism tool; CSU is looking for a solution asap.
  • Top like? Ease of use!

Huge thanks to all those who participated in the Canvas pilot!

Fall 2014 Pilot Courses

Instructor Feedback

Canvas has made online classroom discussions easier to grade. I am able to track a student’s engagement, grade, and provide feedback all in one window. The amount of clicks on the mouse has significantly decreased. Even grading papers and submitted projects is easier. Similar to grading discussions, I can easily highlight and make comments on a student’s paper directly on the grading page. I’m able to pull up a grading rubric and grade on each rubric section which the student can see and track their progress in the course.

Joshua Alvarez
Coordinator, Support & Safety Assessment