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Issue Best bet for help
Canvas app crashes Uninstall app, restart device, then re-install app
Can’t upload file due to out of file space Each student has 100MB file space. Delete unneeded files first, then upload again.
Courses are not showing in your Course List Customize your course list
Canvas login page is slow to load Use the direct link
Slow performance Web Browsers - recommendations and troubleshooting
eID, email, antivirus software, and campus network help
(by phone and email)
Help Desk (970) 491-7276
Technical support and computer repair
Computer Diagnostic Center (970) 491-2271
Computer Repair Center (970) 491-1998
iClicker Clicker Resources and Support
Course content problems (e.g. broken links) Your instructor – let them know so they can fix it!
Video and media issues Media Recommendations
For Flash videos, use a computer now, and let your instructor know they should upgrade to HTML5 and MP4/MP3 soon.
Note: Apple iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) do not play Flash videos.
McGrawHill, Pearson, ProctorTrack, YouSeeU … Canvas External Applications - information and support
Ideas for improvements and features Canvas Community
Noncredit Support Noncredit Support at CSU Online
Anything else Send email with your details to