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Spring 2017 Workshops


Canvas Quizzes, Canvas Analytics, Canvas and Page Design Tools, New VeriCite and Canvas Integration.
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Get Started with Canvas Quizzes

You will learn how to create and administer online quizzes in Canvas.  Quizzes can be auto graded, can be setup to allow multiple attempts, have a time limit and questions can be randomized.  Instructors can create practice quizzes to help student increase proficiency.

Canvas Analytics: Course Design Considerations

Learn what student and course analytics are available to Canvas instructors. How to design your Canvas course to get the most out of these analytics.

Canvas Design Tools: Build an Eye Catching Course Quickly

CSU has incorporated the Cidilabs Design Tools into Canvas.  The tools allow an instructor to create attractive course pages, quickly create multiple modules and easily update assignment due dates and availability dates.

Canvas and VeriCite Content Matching Tool Now Integrated with Canvas Assignments

VeriCite is the tool CSU has adopted to check online student submissions for content matching / plagiarism.  The tool checks the content in a student’s paper against common web sites and other CSU VeriCite submissions.  This allows an instructor to focus more on the quality of the content and less on whether the content is the student’s original work.  New for spring 2017 is the integration of VeriCite and the Canvas SpeedGrader.

Customized Training

We're glad to offer specialized Canvas training for groups of 8 or more people. You can contact us at:

Instructor Self-Paced Orientation Course in Canvas

Instructors can work online at their own pace to learn Canvas basics.

Technology in the Classroom - "Use the Force with your Course" video

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